Yakandle $39.99


We all love our Kayaks and they have really advanced here in the USA in the past couple of years. More and more fisherman are purchasing Kayaks to fish out of. There are new clubs forming all the time and some big money to be won fishing the new bass tournaments around the country. Moving the Kayak from point A to B with the standard small handle can be a real pain. A better handle to use both hands while launching and moving was in need.

 Introducing the "Yakandle"  Made of  6061 Billet alluminum with machined finger grooves added and drilled ends to accept the included two attachment posts this multi function system is the perfect length Red One System to use both hands while moving your Kayak loaded with all that heavy gear. The #550 para cord is really strong for attaching around handles, handle cords, inset handles, or eyes and comes with a slide ball to allow the cords slack to be tightened around the attachment area. Two aluminum attachment posts with stainless spring balls are included, plus also for Kayak attachment to the standard Geartrac a threaded stud and T mount is included . You can also drill and mount the Yakandle to your specific location. Accessory's can be mounted on top of the handle with the included 1/4-20 stud, a common size for many cameras like the Go Pro. Now you can launch your Kayak with two hands and then use the Yakandle when attached at your favorite location and film your catch with your Go Pro on the top of it.       

Did I mention that it also looks cool?