Split Ring Tool

Most fishermen, including myself, change out hooks from their lures. Whether an upgrade to a round bend, or to replace a bent one to a new sharp treble, that split ring that must be opened on that lure can be a real pain to get spread open just enough to start that hook. I personally have messed up my thumbnail many times, and stuck my self, trying to get that split ring open just enough to get the eye of that hook started. Some lures like the Wopper Plopper have the hardest split ring to get open that I have ever seen. That's because they are some the best split rings made. But it only makes it harder for me to get it open and split ring pliers are not effective. They work on very limited sizes of split rings for awhile but you have to hold them tight while in use, and after one of the arms gets bent it's over. They drive you nuts, jeez. Not to mention they can cost a lot of cash. Some are upwards of $40.00. What a mess....at least until now.


Introducing the neatest, and most simple, solution to open the common split ring.

Patent Pending CNC grooves, at just the right depth, are placed on the stainless Red One wedgie at the distance needed to accept all sizes of split rings. All you do is start the wedgie in the split ring, and when the grooves line up, give the wedgie a half turn and your split ring is open and held there by the grooves on the shaft.

The opposite end has a unique line tool for the common backlash. A small circle groove just above the point is used to catch the loop down in the spool that must be lifted up to free the backlash.  

Red One Wedgie


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