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The "Red One" Motor Guide Tour trolling motor system fits the Motor Guide Tour, the Gator, and X5 trolling motors. This system takes the need to step on the trolling motor to get it to release out of the question. Stainless steel cable ends, can withstand harsh elements and they provide tremendous strength. The 1/4" Stainless pin in the clevis can hold a tremendous amount of weight, and the entire clevis, cable, and pin system will not rust. It also makes the installation process very easy for shops or the average customer. Solid stainless steel aircraft cable has major strength and the plastic red coating will help withstand the harsh elements. The stock ABS plastic white handle remains cool in extreme temperatures. You can order ABS Black or the Aluminum handle from my site also. The 2 stainless steel allen screws in each side of handle lock the bell end in, and tests show over 600 lbs of pull with no handle failure. The custom "Red One" handle holder with the stainless spring ball holds the handle to any flat surface of your choice, preventing damage. Want your cable a custom size? Just give me a call! 



This "Red One" Motor Guide system can be installed with the optional bright aluminum, or ABS Black handle.


Motor Guide Tour 109


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Motorguide Tour 109