Pagoda Weights

The Swimbait is one of the most effective baits on the market. Getting them to the right depths, and with good action, has always been the goal.Proper rigging makes all the difference.

For years, fishermen cut cavities in their swimbaits with razor blades to hold weights, line tubes, and hooks. This primitive rigging method limited the swimbait to one depth, and sometimes caused  the bait to lean to a side, creating an unnatural look.

Miller Pagoda Weight systems solve all those problems. They use a red line insert, specially designed to work with our patent-pending tungsten weight that perfectly centers in the swimbait. The essential line guide accepts up to 50 pound test mono. Pagoda weights are also designed to be added together to achieve any desired weight you wish. Our systems special brass insert tool is the key to getting the line centered every time.

Have you ever seen a big fish throw a swimbait free? The problem with most swimbait weight systems is that a fish can use the weight of the swimbait as leverage to throw the bait. The Miller Pagoda system eliminates fish loss because once the fish is hooked, the entire swimbait body rides up the line, leaving you with a clean connection to your tournament winning monster.

Swimbaits are proven big fish producers. The Miller Pagoda Weight system is the ideal complement for big fish hunters...try one now!


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Miller Pagoda Weights


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Each kit comes with 1  each, 1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz, Tungsten Pagoda Weights, 1  brass insert  tool, 3 plastic line inserts, and a razor blade. The complete system.