The Clear advantage

The A Rig or Umbrella Rig has been around a very long time. Many styles have been made with the wire arms, different heads, to blades, to skirts. There has been almost every form of it manufactured you could think of....until now.

                                           Introducing the Patent Pending:   "Clear A Rig" 

A hand made rig consisting of Fluorocarbon it becomes almost invisible underwater. Wires and heads are no longer a unnatural, visually seen element giving you an advantage in crystal clear water. 

That's not all. With a short pause in your retrieve the rig spreads out causing the fish to react. This cannot be achieved with wires. No more bent wires or lost fish due to broken ones. This rig practically eliminates the "Loop" of the line being caught under the rig caused by a hard cast. Now you can cast very long distances without the tangle of hooks also making it a pleasure to fish.

The rig comes with a 100lb test clear swivel, 4 -200lb test Fluorocarbon arms with 4 -heavy duty swivels attached. 

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