The Beast Rig

  •  Putting an end to bent or broken wires this big brother to the Clear A Rig, Red One Systems new Clear Beast Rig with its 400 lb. test Fluorocarbon line allows the angler to use larger weights and baits for larger fish catches. The stiff Seaguar line makes casting the Beast Rig a real pleasure, and with over a hundred and fifty fish catches  on one without any failures your rig is gonna out last any standard wire rig.  The 200lb test Invisa swivel  will not fail and the line tie area has two small shoulders at the top to protect the Knot. Now from Largemouth to Stripers and everything in between you'll be getting them to the boat. End the  frustration of bent wires, looped casts and damaged line from wire rigs. Did I mention it's totally invisible? 
  • For a limited time-Each Beast Rig comes with 4- unattached 130lb. Spro snaps.


Clear Beast Rig $20.00