A Rigger

The A Rig

The A Rig, or Umbrella Rig, is most likely one of the most talked about controversial fishing lure systems ever to come into the fishing industry. I've fished them for over 4 years now and it still amazes me how the catch rate is so affected by the way it's set up. From hooks, wires, baits, wire lengths, compact, or wide open flair, it all plays a part in the rigs catching success. Managing them can really be a pain as when after 3 or 4 different A Rigs are on rods and stored in lockers they are so flared out that they become entangled upon being removed for use. Even after rigging them with screw locks, and hooks, storing them in Plano boxes can be a real pain. Some add a split ring but in fishing the A Rig with the split ring added the line, after the dreaded loop happens, and it will happen, becomes frayed from it catching the split rings open area. When the split ring is used to collapse the A Rig, it constantly bends the wires at the head ultimately weakening the wires risking lost fish, time and money.

Introducing Red One Systems "A Rigger" The Patent Pending design makes it so easy for collapsing, storing, and transporting, your A Rigs.


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