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This brand new
Red One system fits most bow mounted, shaft style trolling motors with absolutely nothing to stow or deploy them until now. The Minn Kota Terrova trolling motors are one of the best motors manufactured today, but without my new Red One Terrova system they are a real pain to stow and deploy. Motor Guide also makes a fine bow mounted trolling motor like the Minn Kota that's called the Rip Tide. It also has no cord system to help deploy or stow. This new system has really been tested by users for awhile now and the feedback is very good. A gentleman back east has fished for years in a bass boat from his wheel chair and has nothing but praise about how easy it's now been made to lower and retrieve his electric trolling motor. The 24" cable is all stainless steel, so there are no rust issues.

The handle, post extension, and clamp are aluminum to allow a rust free system. Everything Comes completely assembled. This system fits the shaft style front bow type motors like the Motor Guide xi5, and most Minn Kotas.

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