Red One Handle Holder

A trolling motor cord handle can really make a guy mad when it isn't right where you want it to be. Bouncing around while running to your next spot, they can chip a boat's paint or fiberglass. And when time to deploy or lift your trolling motor it is not supposed to be over the side of the boat, behind a graph or under the trolling motor foot control. I solved those issues with the
Red One custom handle holder. It's a black marine grade ABS post that fits right into the Red One custom handle and has a 1/4' threaded hole that allows it to be placed anywhere you want to store that handle safely. A unique stainless spring ball puts just the right amount of tension while inside the Red One handle to hold it in place till needed. Now when your Red One aluminum, or ABS handle, is slipped on it's right where you need it and safely secured.
 Bright Aluminum Handle

 Handle Holder
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