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    Trolling motor cords break at the worst times. From getting to that next point before the other guy, to only 5 minutes left to weigh in. The list could go on and on. When a Motor Guide or Minn Kota trolling motor cord breaks in the down position, it can be a very dangerous situation. Getting it back out of the water is really hard and falling overboard while trying to do this is not what you want. Obviously, there was a need for something better.

    I start with 100% air craft grade stainless steel cable. It is coated with material used on exercise equipment and is very durable. All metal components are marine grade or stainless steel. They are pressed on and pull tests put on handles and cables are over 600 lbs without failure. The cable is bright red, hence the name
"Red One". The stock handle is made of ABS white plastic that stays cool in hot temperatures. You can purchase a ABS Black, or Aluminum handle as well. The bell end on the cable is centered up into the handle then stainless steel allen screws are locked in from the sides.The Motor guide was the hardest for me to figure out, but I now make a system for the Motorguide Tour, Gator, and the new x5. Pins that are on motors where cables cross are now sleeved with a plastic tube that takes wear out of the question. For the exit hole of all Minn Kotas, I manufacture a stainless insert that which takes a tremindous amount of hand polishing to finish that has really been necessary all along. A small post that has a stainless spring ball holds handles anywhere you wish to keep them safely stored and is always done for safety reasons. I make custom length sizes for the tall and short boaters so just give me a call.

To sum it up, the "Red One" is a complete system to end rope replacement.

Thanks, Danny Miller. 
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